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20 15-2016 NON-GMO SOYBEANS  12/21/14 5:47:44 AM

 NON-GMO Soybean Program

2015-2016  DELIVERY

1  Must meet all USDA #1 standards or be subject to elevators discount.
2.   Must have less than .1% corn and (GM) .5% Maximum.
  Non-GM premium over elevators bid: $1.40/ bu harvest and $1.40/bu after harvest.
4.   Grower to plant contracted acres with certified Non-GM seed only and retain receipts.
5.   A 20 ft. border row physically separating Non-GM from other GM grain is required.
6.   All pricing options available on Non-GM soybeans.
7.   Delivery period to be set when contract is written.
8.   Exhibit - A  Non-GM certificate to be filled out.
9.   Retain sample of grain delivered to elevator for one year.
10.Because Premier Cooperative will have to be able to ship the NON-GMO soybeans on a buyer call basis no storage   will be allowed. If the NON-GMO soybeans are not sold at the time of delivery, they must go on a Price Later Contract.
Premier Cooperative will pay the NON-GMO premium on a 58 bu acre max yield with  option to buy but not the obligation to buy any overrun bushels.

All contract term to apply in accordance with Exchibit- A

All contract terms to apply in accordance with Exhibit - A"



Harvest  Delivery: Bondville IL., Fisher, IL., Leverett,IL., Rising, IL. Sadorus IL. and Tolono  (Apex) IL.
After Harvest Farm storage soybeans will be priced off the following elevators bids (less frt. adjustments):
 Bondville IL., Fisher IL, Galesville IL., Leverett IL., Rising IL., Sadorus IL., & Sidney IL. prices.



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